Margaret Lapiz MBA, MPH ’93 is the immediate past vice president for strategy and integration for The Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente, a role she held for 18 years where she provided strategic leadership in multiple areas including finance, operations, communications, diversity, and employee wellness. She was an instrumental force in the sizing, service delivery approach, and competitive positioning for 11 newly constructed hospitals and over 30 outpatient medical facilities. She is the founder of Prep Medico, a pipeline program focused on building the next generation of physicians who will advance Latino health; Under One Roof, a health impact venture focused on raising the overall health status of agriculturally-based communities; and Diversity in Health Professions, an investment fund that creates pathway program partnerships.


On public health and the challenges we face

As public health professionals, we are committed to tackling a broad set of issues that affect the overall health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and societies. As systems thinkers, we recognize that by addressing the conditions that affect and impact an entire community, we can have a dramatic difference not just on those living today, but on future generations as well. Through our efforts, we have witnessed the positive impact that public health initiatives and advances have had on disease prevention, physical safety, environmental health, and family planning. As we look to the future, we will need a public health workforce that can work effectively across disciplines to tackle the complex challenges that globalization has accelerated. Forming sustainable food systems, controlling the spread of infectious disease, and ensuring health equity and access to care in communities impacted by economic inequality are a few of the great challenges requiring our collective talent and attention.

Public health dream team

My Dream Team would consist of the following Five “S”uperstars:

Michelle Obama: in the role “S”pokesperson and Advocate

Klaus Schwab: in the role of “S”ocial Investor, Economist, and Funder

Edward Jenner: in the role of “S”cientist and Inventor

Devi Shetty: in the role of “S”urgeon and Entrepreneur

Wizdom Powell: in the role of “S”cholar and Expert on Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities

Together, they would have the expertise, track record, and reputation, as well as the access to the financial resources required, to address the challenges of the next 75 years effectively.

Theme song while at Berkeley/Movie of my life at SPH

“Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” by C and C Music Factory because as a student at Berkeley, it was a time to question, consider, and ponder.


Honoree in the Media:


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