“The biggest challenge is figuring out how to best frame public health research and findings in ways that optimize the likelihood that local, state, federal, and global actors implement best practices.”


Alex H. Kral PhD ’00 is an epidemiologist with expertise in community-based research with urban poor populations. He is a principal scientist in RTI International’s Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Research Division and heads several NIH-funded studies of substance use, infectious diseases, and health. His policy and evaluation research has included syringe exchange programs, overdose education and naloxone distribution programs, and supervised consumption service programs.

Secrets to success

Follow your passion. Do the work that matters the most to you personally.

“Berkeley Moment”

Professor Emeritus Warren Winkelstein, Jr. telling me at the end of my oral dissertation defense that I “seem to know a lot about a little, and should strive to learn a little about a lot of things.”

A change to one U.S. policy that would transform public health

Healthcare needs to be free of charge.

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