policy influencers

Sandra Witt: Health equity advocate committed to advancing a California where everyone has the opportunities they need to be healthy

Willi McFarland: Architect of HIV/AIDS interventions and prevention policies in San Francisco

Carl N. Lester: Top-level health administrator and champion for culturally relevant environmental justice and health career programs for at-risk youth

Anthony Iton: Builder of partnerships to create healthy low-income communities in California

Maria S. Gomez: Health activist who builds better futures for the DC area’s underserved

Lynn Goldman: Transformer of chemical safety policy to protect our nation’s children

M. Adhyatma: Dedicated Minister of Health who expanded health services for the people of Indonesia

Jerome Adams: Surgeon General who is leading our national fight against the opioid crisis

Susan Foerster: Advocator of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles worldwide

Richard J. Jackson: Leader who changed environments, including built environments, to protect health