Jeffrey Oxendine MBA, MPH ’86 is a passionate advocate of empowering the next generation of health leaders and professionals. He serves as the co-director of the California Future Health Workforce Commission, as well as the co-faculty director of the Undergraduate Public Health Major at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Oxendine served as associate dean for public health practice for 12 years at the School, during which time he founded the Center for Health Leadership. He is the founder and CEO of Health Career Connection, a national non-profit that empowers undergraduate students throughout California, New York, New England, North Carolina, Nashville and Washington DC. Central to his work is a dedication to increasing health workforce diversity and empowering leaders who will transform health and equity in underserved communities.


On public health and the challenges we face

Effective public health programs, policies and practices are essential for promoting health, reducing preventable illness and injury and creating community conditions in which all people can be healthy and have hope, agency and opportunity.

Public health advances may seem invisible and are taken for granted but they are responsible for enhancing our quality of life and adding years to life expectancy. Addressing growing rates of obesity and chronic disease are huge current and future challenges.

A critical challenge I want to shine a light on is the need to develop future public health leaders and professionals who reflect our increasingly diverse communities and who are prepared to effectively transform health and equity for all Californians.

Secrets for success

Relationships really matter! We are so fortunate to have such passionate, innovative and talented people at and from UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Through our relationships can change the world, have fulfilling professional and personal lives, and empower the next generation.

To find fulfillment and make lasting, significant impact, do your work in collaboration with individuals and organizations who share and act on your deepest values, passions and commitments.

Network or Not Work! Told to students from my friend and fellow alum Harvey Bichkoff that became my mantra and helped empower many students.

Public health dream team

Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Len Syme, Sandra Hernandez and Tony Iton because the next 75 years will be all about us finally addressing equity, structural inequities and providing all people with hope, opportunity and powerful ways to contribute. These people have the vision, courage, talent and inspiration to make it happen.

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