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“Happy 75th! I remember the 1970s when public health advocates had missionary zeal, promoting family planning, anti smoking, clean water, less pollution, farm worker health, disease control. Henrik Blum and health planning, Dr. Brown and maternal and child health, advances in epidemiology. It was so inspiring!”

Margot Smith, Dr.P.H. ’77

“One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was the decision to attend the School of Public Health. It changed my life, expanded my thinking, introduced me to lifelong friends and prepared me excellently for an enriching professional career. Thank you UCB School of Public Health.”

Michael Tully-Cintrón, ’84

“Memories: My husband (Hamouda Hanafi) and I met in Mayhew Derryberry's course, we were both working on our MPH degrees. Bill Griffiths was the best man at our wedding. We've happily worked in international public health and reproductive health/family planning most of our lives. Happy 75th!”

Catherine Briggs Hanafi ’71/’72

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