Lawrence Wallack MPH ’78, DrPH ’82 is dean emeritus, College of Urban & Public Affairs, Portland State University, and professor emeritus of public health at UC Berkeley. Wallack is one of the architects of media advocacy—an approach integrating policy development, community engagement, and strategic communication rooted in social justice values to advance public health policy. He was an original recipient (2000-05) of the Innovators Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in recognition of groundbreaking work on substance abuse prevention.


On public health and the challenges we face

The most significant public health issue has always been, and continues to be, the fundamental issue of justice in the larger society. This is the issue of how benefits and burdens are distributed through public policy to create and extend initial disadvantage particularly in specific communities.

“Berkeley moment”

The first day I walked into my office as a new assistant professor on July 1, 1983. I am still filled with awe and gratitude for that experience.

Public health dream team

Elenor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglas, Cesar Chavez, Albert Einstein, and Pete Seeger for their commitment to the values necessary to make public health policies a priority in our society.

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