global visionaries

Alex H. Kral: Reducer of infectious disease and evaluator of innovative programs for people using drugs

Bonnie Duran: Health advocate who combines cultured-centered and evidence-based interventions to create innovative treatments for indigenous communities

M. Adhyatma: Dedicated Minister of Health who expanded health services for the people of Indonesia

Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Powerful innovator of precision public health with a lifelong mission of improving the human condition

Reimert T. Ravenholt: Leader in family planning and first director of USAID who transformed it into the world’s foremost international population program

Rajiv Bhatia: Health systems innovator who pioneered the use of open data to transform public policy

Nancy Krieger: Pioneering epidemiologist who uncovers the social determinants of health

Moses R. Kamya: Champion of social justice and fighter of infectious diseases in Uganda

Michael N. Bates: Environmental health investigator dedicated to protecting our local and global environments, including workplaces, from toxic exposures

Mary A. Pittman: CEO of top nonprofit who mobilizes health professionals to impact national and global public policy