environmental investigators

Lynn Goldman: Transformer of chemical safety policy to protect our nation’s children

Steve Selvin: Renowned statistician who has generated breakthroughs in genetic problems, disease patterns, and environmental pollution

Robert A. Hiatt: Distinguished investigator of the social and environmental factors that cause cancer

Richard J. Jackson: Leader who changed environments, including built environments, to protect health

Michael N. Bates: Environmental health investigator dedicated to protecting our local and global environments, including workplaces, from toxic exposures

Linda Rudolph: Combater of climate change and promoter of healthy, equitable, sustainable communities

L. Martin Griffin Jr.:Legendary environmental activist who led a revolution for land and wildlife preservation in California

Kirk R. Smith: Health advocate who investigates profound global impact of household air pollution and brings change on behalf of those most afflicted in developing countries

Judith H. Hibbard: Promoter of consumer choices to improve quality of care

Garrett D. Brown: Safety maverick who challenges how globalization impacts the world’s most vulnerable workers