health equity heroes

Sandra Witt: Health equity advocate committed to advancing a California where everyone has the opportunities they need to be healthy

Carl N. Lester: Top-level health administrator and champion for culturally relevant environmental justice and health career programs for at-risk youth

Alex H. Kral: Reducer of infectious disease and evaluator of innovative programs for people using drugs

Anthony Iton: Builder of partnerships to create healthy low-income communities in California

Maria S. Gomez: Health activist who builds better futures for the DC area’s underserved

Bonnie Duran: Health advocate who combines cultured-centered and evidence-based interventions to create innovative treatments for indigenous communities

Rena J. Pasick: Founder of a diversity training program that has encouraged hundreds of minority master’s students to pursue doctorates

Nancy Krieger: Pioneering epidemiologist who uncovers the social determinants of health

Michael E. Bird: Former APHA president dedicated to closing the healthcare gap for Native Americans

Meredith Minkler: Pioneer of community-based participatory research who has worked with marginalized communities to help secure policies that promote health and social equity