disease eradicators

Willi McFarland: Architect of HIV/AIDS interventions and prevention policies in San Francisco

Alex H. Kral: Reducer of infectious disease and evaluator of innovative programs for people using drugs

M. Adhyatma: Dedicated Minister of Health who expanded health services for the people of Indonesia

Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Powerful innovator of precision public health with a lifelong mission of improving the human condition

Robert A. Hiatt: Distinguished investigator of the social and environmental factors that cause cancer

Rena J. Pasick: Founder of a diversity training program that has encouraged hundreds of minority master’s students to pursue doctorates

Moses R. Kamya: Champion of social justice and fighter of infectious diseases in Uganda

Marcos Espinal: Builder of global partnerships to eradicate communicable diseases

Madhukar Pai: Disease fighter dedicated to eradicating tuberculosis in India and around the world

Luiz Loures: Longtime advocate of international AIDS policy