academics in action

Katherine S. Pollard: Developer of cutting-edge technology to optimize precision medical treatment based on genetics

Lynn Goldman: Transformer of chemical safety policy to protect our nation’s children

Bonnie Duran: Health advocate who combines cultured-centered and evidence-based interventions to create innovative treatments for indigenous communities

Steve Selvin: Renowned statistician who has generated breakthroughs in genetic problems, disease patterns, and environmental pollution

Robert A. Hiatt: Distinguished investigator of the social and environmental factors that cause cancer

Richard J. Jackson: Leader who changed environments, including built environments, to protect health

Rena J. Pasick: Founder of a diversity training program that has encouraged hundreds of minority master’s students to pursue doctorates

Patricia B. Crawford: Scholar and marshaler of resources to confront America’s childhood obesity epidemic

Nancy Krieger: Pioneering epidemiologist who uncovers the social determinants of health

Moses R. Kamya: Champion of social justice and fighter of infectious diseases in Uganda