mavens moving beyond medicine

Willi McFarland: Architect of HIV/AIDS interventions and prevention policies in San Francisco

Carl N. Lester: Top-level health administrator and champion for culturally relevant environmental justice and health career programs for at-risk youth

Maria S. Gomez: Health activist who builds better futures for the DC area’s underserved

Jerome Adams: Surgeon General who is leading our national fight against the opioid crisis

Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Powerful innovator of precision public health with a lifelong mission of improving the human condition

Robert A. Hiatt: Distinguished investigator of the social and environmental factors that cause cancer

Reimert T. Ravenholt: Leader in family planning and first director of USAID who transformed it into the world’s foremost international population program

Rajiv Bhatia: Health systems innovator who pioneered the use of open data to transform public policy

Michael E. Bird: Former APHA president dedicated to closing the healthcare gap for Native Americans

Michael C. Lu: Former director of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau